Set up BlacKeyBoard

Open BlacKeyBoard to input text in the editor area directly.

  1. Swipe from left to right to open the function page, click the input method.

  2. Select ‘BlackeyBoard’


    Fig. 91 Click ‘Input method’


    Fig. 92 To set up BlacKeyBoard on your phone


  • The BlacKeyBoard input method will automatically restore the previously used input method when the Blacklink connection is disconnected.

  • BlacKeyBoard works when Bluetooth is connected.

When the input method is enabled for the first time, it will jump to the setting screen, please enable BlacKeyBoard, the system prompts that your personal data may be recorded.


Blacklink will not upload personal data and cause potential risk .

In the System Information window, please click OK.


Fig. 93 Click OK

Editor area

Support all languages, such as Chinese, English and even all.

Fig. 94 On BlacKeyBoard mode, the editor area is visible.


When you turn on BlacKeyBoard in you mobile, open any app that uses BlacKeyBoard. Tap Blackey App to rearrange your keyboards.

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