macOS Sharing mode

Quick start guides for macOS.

Set up Share Internet Connection in macOS

1-2. Select system preferences

  • Click system preferences > sharing as shown below.

    system preferences

    Fig. 54 ‘sharing’ icon

  • Click BLACKLINK device wifi sharing service as shown below.


    Fig. 55 Select the Internet Sharing checkbox.

  • Start to turn on Internet sharing.


    Fig. 56 Start


In the ‘To computers using list’, select the port that other computers use to access the shared internet connection. For example, if you want to share your internet connection over Wi-Fi, select Wi-Fi. For more infomation ref to macOS .


Fig. 57 Select the Internet Sharing checkbox.

Resetting your network back to DHCP

This is for those who have turned on the wifi Sharing mode and want to switch back to the DHCP network connection method.

2-1 choose System Preferences to turn off internet sharing

Turn Off Internet Tethering, as shown below.

  • Your Mac is now sharing its wireless internet connection to the device.

  • In the Service list at the left, uncheck the Internet Sharing checkbox.


    Fig. 59 In the Service list at the left, uncheck the Internet Sharing checkbox.

2-2 Please Unplug and Replug BlackLink

Unplug blacklink and replug blacklink, then restart blackey, you will get a new IP address.

Show login page after new IP address detected.


Fig. 60 Wifi sharing mode login page.

Before launching the program on the PC, make sure the settings on the phone side are complete.


After successfully configuring the network properties, the device will remain in this DHCP connection until you manually set up to the sharing mode!

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