Solutions for connection errors

The installation procedure has been completed on PC and then try to plug the the Blackey Device into the computer USB port.

Possible Causes:
  1. This problem occurs may due to ‘IP conflict’

  1. Solution for IP conflict, please turn off internet on pc, and replug Blackey Device.

  2. When QRcode is generated, try to manually adjust the IP address.

  3. (Default) Assign Blacklink Address is .

  4. Please try to change the IP address to 172.xxx.xxx.1.

  5. Reconnect now!


When ip address shows 172.xxx.xxx.1, please change the IP to

Failed to transfer files from computer to mobile

Possible Causes and Solution:
  1. Multiple files are not the same type

    Please try to drag and drop multiple files and keep in mind that all files are of the same type.

  2. The transfer target (Blackey App) is covered behind many windows.

    Please try to click on the Blackey App window so that Blackey stays at the top of the screen and try to share the file again.


After starting the BlackeyBoard input method, the screen of the mobile phone does not need to be Blackey, and the sharing window can also pop up.

Can’t control the phone, or the Bluetooth connection fails

Possible Causes:
  1. Manually cancel the Bluetooth pairing of Blacklink recently

  2. Reinstall the Blackey main program on the mobile phone

  3. Blacklink devices just completed a firmware update

  4. The bluetooth function of the mobile phone is abnormal

  1. Close the Blackey main program on the computer

  2. Reboot the phone (or turn off the bluetooth function, then turn on the bluetooth function)

  3. Open the Blackey main program on the computer

  4. Retry connecting to casting