Update Blackey app on mobile

This detailed guide will walk you through the process of updating Blackey app on mobile.

Download the latest version.

2 ways to download Blackey App
  • Scan the QR Code and install the app

  • Another alternative is to search the keyword: ‘Blackey’ on the Google Play


For those who need the older versions, please download on Blackey.


Fig. 102 The version of Blackey app.

Launch app

After the above permission steps have been completed, You can launch and use Blackey to control device on PC.


Please make sure that the Blacklink has been plugged in and the device emits a slight blue light.


Fig. 103 Click ‘Start’


Fig. 104 Click ‘Start’


If you are launching the Blackey app for the first time after installation, please refer to this page .

The steps given above are complete, please check the version of Blackey.

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