Sharing mode on mobile


For these device versions lower than Android 9(included), please refer to step 3 .

1. Cancel the automatic connection

Turn off the mobile device auto-connect to other wifi as shown below.

Fig. 19 Disable Automatic Wi-Fi Connections

2. Turn on Wifi

Turn off Wifi, then turn on Wifi again. Make sure Wifi is activated and which would not automatically connected to other networks.

Fig. 20 ‘Auto reconnection is turned off’ is marked.

3. Turn on BT


Fig. 21 Both of BT and Wifi should be turnd on.

4. Scan the QR Code on PC.

Once the settings on the PC side are complete. A login page of blackey will be displayed as shown below.


Fig. 22 Wifi sharing mode.


Devices running Android 10 will take longer time to turn on wifi sharing mode, please be patient.

The reason is that the version above Android 10 (inclusive) only can recommend connect to the specified wifi. For more details, please refer to Google Wifi support.

If connecting to the network takes too long to establish a connection. Please turn off wifi and refer to step 2 .

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