Connection steps on Mobile side

There are two main steps, both of which need to be scanned with QrCode
  • Scan with system QrCode, connect Blackey Wifi AP

  • Scan with Blackey QrCode, Start to project


Android Blackey App, computer Blackey program, and Blacklink version must be upgraded to (inclusive) or above

When the setting on the computer is completed, the main program of Blackey will display the following QrCode code. If Wifi Sharing Mode does not appear, please perform Sharing mode on PC


2. Blackey QrCode scan, start projecting

Open the Blackey App on the mobile phone, swipe left to switch to the QrCode scan window, scan the QrCode on the computer to start projecting


Fig. 63 Wifi sharing mode, mobile Blackey App scan QRcode.

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